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14/12/2020 - 

January Sales 2021: Deals and How to Make the Most of Them

January isn’t just another one of a string of underwhelming months. It’s also traditionally the month of after-Christmas sales. If your first association with January 2021 is January lockdown, let’s change that. Because if anything can boost your mood, it’s a good online shopping deal!

Here are a few tips on where to look for January sales deals, and how to make the most of them.

When Do January Sales Start?
Amazon UK January Sales 2021
Zalando Deals in January
January Flight Sales
How to Prepare for January Sales 2021

When Do January Sales Start?

Also known as New Year Sale or Winter Sale, this January shopping event starts immediately after Boxing Day. That means the end of the year is a smooth transition from Black Friday Sales into Christmas Sales, and then straight onto Winter Sales.

Most brands participate in January Winter sales, but the exact starting date and duration of their deals vary.

Top tip: Amazon UK January Sales 2021

Get the best deals during the January sales!You can always count on Amazon to bring on some good deals in January. However, since they’re busy with their Christmas sales until late December, the start date and duration of Amazon January sales is usually not clear much in advance.

One thing that is clear is that their sales traditionally cover a wide list of categories, including home appliances, smart speakers, books, clothes, toys. Do we need to go on?

Your best strategy is to keep an eye on their current deals. Your favourite product not discounted yet? Be patient, its time will come. And when it does, why not share the shopping joy and give someone an Amazon gift card? By the way, that someone can also be you.

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Fashion Tip: Zalando Deals in January

If you’re in the mood for some fashion shopping, Zalando UK is the place to look. But when?

Looking back at early 2020, they had a one-day New Year Sale on 1st Jan. It’s likely they’ll take the same approach in 2021. Only, this time there won’t be as much New Year’s partying, so you probably won’t oversleep and miss half of the sale. Silver linings!

To make sure you’re ready for shopping, get yourself a Zalando gift card. You can buy one for your bestie as well and make a live online shopping event of it. With a gift card, you will not only enjoy Winter Sale, but you’ll also make sure you don’t spend more than your after-Christmas budget allows.

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Surprise Tip: January Flight Sales

It might feel strange to plan for travelling after an unpredictable year like 2020, but at one point or another, things will start looking up. And when that happens, you’ll be grateful to have bought some discounted flight tickets.

Traditionally, airlines have been offering great flight deals in January. 2021 will probably not be different, especially since airlines’ priority right now is to motivate people to travel again.

How to make the most of Jan flight deals? You can keep an eye on your favourite airline’s offers. Or you can get yourself (or a loved one) a Flightgiftcard. The Flightgift.com website has a search engine that covers 300 major airlines. Any sales will be shown there.

Why shop with a Flightgiftcard? Basically, it’s a favour to your future self. When you buy a Flightgiftcard, you dedicate its value to travel. You don’t feel like booking a flight in January? No good deals for your destination? No problem. Your gift card is valid for two years, so you can spend its value whenever your future self decides.

How to Prepare for January Sales 2021?

Guaranteed extra discounts during the January salesThe tricky part about a sales event that comes right after the holidays is that you might not have that much budget left to spend. That’s why planning ahead is important.

One thing you can do is make a wish list next to your Christmas shopping list. Keep track of things you want or need, and make a note of how much you’d like to spend on them. Then set aside that budget in the form of an Amazon gift card or Zalando gift card. This way you know you won’t spend the money on something else. And if Santa doesn’t bring you any of the items on your wish list, you can get them yourself with your gift card.

Worst case scenario - even if you miss the Amazon UK January Sales 2021, you can still use your gift card within 10 years. Zalando is even easier - their gift card doesn’t expire at all. And forever is a long enough time to catch another sale.

Take a look at all shopping gift cards to find the right one for you.

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