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01/03/2024 - 

No internet on your phone? This guide will help you get connected again

If you’re having mobile connection issues, this article will help you get your phone back online.

Can’t connect to your 3G/4G/5G network? Start here!

Is your network down?

Sometimes, there are temporary network issues affecting your mobile provider. Occasionally, their networks go down completely, leaving you with no internet. In December 2023, for instance, EE, Three and O2 networks went down for thousands across the UK. Here are some links for popular mobile networks to check if there are any live issues in your area: Man holding a phone with internet issues

Is there something wrong with your settings?

Here are some quick checks for your phone:
  • Ensure that your phone's airplane mode is turned off.
  • Check that mobile data is enabled in your device’s settings.
  • For connectivity issues in specific apps, check if data usage is restricted in the settings for those apps.
  • Check if there’s a software update ready to download/install, and update your phone if so.
If none of these checks helped, try turning your phone off and on.
If the problem persists, go to your device’s settings and reset network settings. Note that this will erase saved Wi-Fi networks, paired Bluetooth devices, and other network preferences.

Is it a SIM card issue?

If you’ve tried the suggestions above and you still can’t connect to your mobile network, it could be an issue with the SIM card.
Try removing and then reinserting the SIM card. This can fix connectivity issues caused by improper SIM card seating.

Having trouble connecting your phone to Wi-Fi?

Below are some suggestions for checking and optimising your Wi-Fi setup when your phone has no internet connection.

Troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection
  • First, check Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone and that you're trying to connect to the correct network.
  • If you’re unable to connect to a specific Wi-Fi network, try restarting your phone. If you have access, try restarting the router too.
  • If the Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping, try this: Go to your Wi-Fi settings, forget the network, and then reconnect by entering the password again.
Here are some other things to try if you still have no internet:
  • Switch your phone to Airplane mode for a few seconds and then turn it off to force your device to renew its IP address.
  • Move away from or turn off devices like microwaves and Bluetooth speakers - they can cause interference.

Optimise your Wi-Fi setup

Here’s some advice for optimising your Wi-Fi setup at home or work:
  • Place your router in a central location away from physical obstructions like walls and metal objects. The higher, the better, as Wi-Fi signals tend to spread downwards.
  • Update your router to the latest firmware to enhance its performance and security. Check the manufacturer's website for updates.
  • Use the 5GHz band. If your router is dual-band, switching to the 5GHz band can offer faster speeds and less interference compared to the 2.4GHz band.

Run out of mobile data?

If you’ve simply used up your mobile data allowance, you can top up online at mobiletopup.uk. You can buy top-ups for the big networks like EE and Three, as well as providers like Lebara and Lyca Mobile. And you don’t need a credit card - methods include PayPal and Google Pay.

Not sure if you’ve run out? Some operators will send you an SMS warning. You can also usually check in your operator’s official app.

Problems with a Bluetooth connection?

Here are some checks you can do and actions you can take if you’re having Bluetooth connectivity issues:
  1. Check that Bluetooth is turned on both on your mobile phone and the device you're trying to connect to.
  2. Ensure the device you are trying to connect with is in pairing mode. This often involves holding down a button to make the device discoverable.
  3. Bring the devices closer together. Bluetooth has a limited range - typically up to 10 meters (33 feet) without obstructions.
  4. Turn Bluetooth off and on.
  5. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings, find the device in question, and select the option to forget the device. Then, try pairing again.
  6. Update your mobile phone and the Bluetooth device to the latest firmware or software version.
  7. Clear Bluetooth cache (Android devices only). Go to Settings > Apps > Bluetooth (you might need to show system apps) > Storage > Clear Cache.
  8. Restart your phone. Restarting your mobile will refresh the system's Bluetooth settings.
If none of the above steps work, there may be a hardware issue with either your phone or the Bluetooth device. Contact the manufacturer's customer support for further help.

Is it the weather?

A range of environmental factors can leave you with no internet, including the weather. Heavy rain or snowfall can lower signal strength, especially for longer distance communications. And lightning can cause electromagnetic interference that might disrupt your connection temporarily.

High levels of humidity and high temperatures can affect signal quality too. Extreme heat can affect the performance of satellites and ground-based network equipment. Thisincludes mobile network masts and your phone.

Extremely cold temperatures can impact batteries and electronics within network infrastructure and devices. If it’s not the weather, it could be your surroundings. Dense urban environments with tall buildings and structures can block or reflect signals. Mountains, valleys, and dense forests can obstruct signal paths between cell towers and mobile devices.

Couldn’t solve your issue?

Today’s smartphones have processors around 72,000 times faster than the computer that guided the Apollo 11 moon landing. But that’s not much use if you’ve got no internet connection!
If you have an iPhone, try heading to your local Apple store - they’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot the problem. You can also visit one of your network provider’s high street stores. When in doubt, the best bet is usually restarting your device.

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