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02/11/2020 - 

Xbox X Series: Release Date Is 10 November 2020

The new Xbox series X console is almost out! In case you cannot wait for 10 November, you can already preorder it.

Xbox Series X Price and Pre-Order Options

There are two pre-order options to choose from - Standalone or Xbox All Access. The Xbox Standalone option includes the Xbox Series X console and means paying the full price of GBP 449.99 at once.

The Xbox All Access UK pre-order offers the possibility of monthly installments (GBP 28.99 per month). If you choose this pre-order option, you’ll get 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate along with your console.

Xbox X Series: What’s New?

Wondering about the Xbox Series X features? Or still debating which console to choose (PS5 is also launching in November 2020)? Here’s a breakdown of the Xbox Series X updates:

  • More Realistic Gameplay
The Xbox X Series console has 4K resolution and DirectX ray tracing. This means realistic lighting, shadows and reflections for an overall improved gaming experience.

  • Faster Load Times
You can now enjoy up to 120FPS. That’s thanks to the new system on a chip (SOC) and the 1TB SSD & CPU. Thanks to this improved console speed, you can seamlessly switch between multiple games.

  • New Xbox Wireless Controller
With an improved design for better grip and easier use (especially on combos), the new Xbox Wireless controller makes gaming even more enjoyable. This time around it’s also equipped with a Share button, so you can let everyone know about your conquests.

Are Older Games Compatible with Xbox Series X?

Most of them, yes. Thousands of games, new and old, are compatible with the new Xbox console. The new Smart Delivery option also ensures that once you buy a game, you have the best version of it to fit the console you’re playing it on.

Already Have the New Console?

If you’ve secured your Xbox Series X console and you’re ready to play, make sure you can make the most of it. You can do that by getting your Xbox Live Gold code or Xbox voucher. With the Xbox Gift Card, you can purchase and enjoy games, map packs and tons of other entertainment from the Microsoft Store. An Xbox Live Gold code will let you start or continue your Xbox Live Gold subscription - that means playing games online against others. Put your new console to good use and enjoy!

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