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09/02/2024 - 

6 tips for advanced ‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’ players

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has captivated players with its intricate gameplay and expansive world. If you're an advanced player looking for new challenges and deeper adventures, here are six crucial tips: Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

  1. The apple trick
    If you find a Yiga Clan creation that you like but can't take apart or replicate easily, stick an apple to it. You can then autobuild the entire thing, usually for less Zonaite than making it yourself.

  2. Mastering Ascend in combat
    Ascend, a tactical skill, is particularly effective against larger foes like Stone Talus. Timing and positioning are crucial. Use Ascend right when you're under the enemy to emerge near their weak spot. This will give you a strategic advantage in combat.

  3. Stamina and Heart Container exchange
    In Hyrule, there's a horned statue that allows the exchange of Stamina Vessels for Heart Containers, and vice versa. This is crucial for balancing your stamina and health in line with your personal play style. Always consider your current needs before making a swap.

  4. Crafting weapons with Ultrahand
    Innovative weapon creation is possible by combining Zonai Devices. A notable example is a flame-throwing machine made from Big Wheels and Flame Emitters. Access your inventory and select the appropriate items to combine them. The crafting process usually involves following on-screen prompts or dragging items together. Be creative and experiment with different combinations.
    The Ultrahand ability also has other uses. While activated, you can spot objects like dropped weapons, useful materials, or buried treasure chests more easily.

  5. Elemental weapons and gear
    Using rare gemstones like Rubies, Topazes, and Sapphires, you can fuse elemental properties to your weapons and gear. For instance, fusing a Ruby to a weapon allows it to shoot fireballs, while a Sapphire-fused shield can freeze enemies. Access your crafting menu, select a weapon or shield, and then choose a gemstone to fuse with it. Consider the types of enemies you're facing and choose your fusions accordingly.

  6. Optimizing the Sheikah Sensor+ for rare item hunting
    Once you’ve upgraded the Sheikah Sensor+, you can tune it to track down rare items and materials. Use this feature to find well-hidden resources. Then use these for high-level gear upgrades or cooking powerful dishes.
    Learning to use the Sheikah Sensor+ effectively requires:
    - Understanding the distribution of resources across Hyrule.
    - Prioritising which items to track for your current objectives.
    Below are some extra useful tips, and some broader points to help you get the most out of the game.

'Zelda Tears of the Kingdom': Key questions answered

How to fly, using a Wing
The simplest way to take flight with a Wing involves your Recall ability:
  • First, attach a fan or two to the back of the Wing.
  • If you're on a ledge, use Ultrahand to drop the Wing off, and then use Recall to bring it back up so you can get on.
  • Activate the fans, and take flight.

How to dodge
Mastering the dodge mechanics is essential for effective combat in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Initiating a dodge
  • First, lock onto your enemy by holding the ZL button.
  • Next, use the analog stick to choose the direction in which you want to dodge. You can move left, right, or backward.
  • Finally, press the X button to perform the dodge.

Types of dodges
  • Side hop by jumping either left or right while locked onto an enemy. This manoeuvre is particularly useful for avoiding spear stabs and overhead hammer swings.
  • Execute a backflip by moving backward away from an enemy and jumping. Use this to dodge wide swings from swords and explosive shockwave attacks.

Perfect dodge
  • To perform a perfect dodge, you need to time your dodge precisely right before the enemy's attack hits you.
  • After a perfect dodge, time slows down, giving you an opportunity to execute a flurry of attacks. This is called a Flurry Rush.
  • To initiate a Flurry Rush, press the Y button when prompted.

Where are the shrines?

Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are distributed across various regions of the game world. These shrines offer a range of challenges and quests. Completing them earns you a Blessing of Light. You can exchange this for heart or stamina upgrades at a Goddess Statue. Shrines are grouped into different types, including:
  • Puzzles
  • Combat training
  • Proving grounds
  • Rauru's Blessing
  • Shrine quests

To give you a better idea of where these shrines are located, here's a breakdown of some shrine locations by region:
Hebra Shrines: These include shrines like Eutoum, Gatakis, Orochium, Oromuwak, and others.
Tabantha Shrines: These shrines might involve puzzles like pulling ropes or using various tools in the area.
Popla Foothills Shrine Locations: You may need to complete specific shrine quests to access them.
Sahasra Slope Shrines: Again, you may need to complete shrine quests or navigate through certain caves.
Rabella Wetlands Shrines: You may find shrines in locations like the Mount Dunsel Cave or Eventide Island Cave. Some require completion of side quests.
Mount Lanayru Shrines: You'll find these shrines in areas like the Deepback Bay Cave, Lanayru Road East Cave, and Retsam Forest Cave.
Upland Zorana Shrines: You may need to navigate through caves and complete quests to find these.
Ulri Mountain Shrines: These include shrines like Domizuin, Gemimik, and others.
Eldin Canyon Shrines: You may need to complete specific crystal shrine quests to find these.

The Depths World does not contain any shrines. However, each shrine in the Surface region corresponds to a Lightroot location in the Depths, and vice versa. This means that if you find a shrine on the surface, there will be a corresponding Lightroot in the Depths below it.

Creatively using the game’s physics

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the game's physics engine allows for creative solutions. For instance, you can manipulate objects in various ways. You can use abilities like Magnesis to move metallic objects. In this way, you can bridge gaps, activate switches, or create impromptu weapons.
The game often presents puzzles that don't have a single solution. This invites you to use the physics in unique ways. For example, using the Stasis ability to freeze objects in time, you can then hit these objects multiple times to build up kinetic energy. Then, you can release them to smash through barriers or reach high places.
You may also need to stack objects to create makeshift staircases. You might need to use the paraglider in conjunction with updrafts to reach new heights. And you can even exploit the physics of water and wind to solve complex environmental puzzles.

Easter eggs and lore in 'Tears of the Kingdom'

This game is filled with fascinating easter eggs and connections to the broader Zelda universe. One notable example is the Zonite Bow, which contains miniature versions of the Ancient Sage masks. These masks represent the Sages of Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Water, and are a subtle nod to the game's rich lore.
And the three Zonite devices - the Flame, Frost, and Shock Emitters - are directly inspired by the three elemental dragons from the Zelda universe.
The ancient Hyrulean stone tablets in the game, found in various locations across the Sky, are written in Middle English. The tablets offer glimpses into the lives of the royal family and other key characters. For instance, the first tablet found in Lookout Landing provides insights into the role of a high maiden in the royal court.

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