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Eve Plex 500 Plex 500 (30 days)
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Eve Plex 1100 Plex 1100 (60 days)
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New update, new Plex EVE Plex will undergo some changes. Since the new update ‘Blood Raider Shipyards’, EVE Plex uses new amounts. Plex 1 and Plex 2 will go away. Still own ‘old’ EVE Plex? No worries, you can still redeem those in the game. They will automatically be converted to the new amounts. EVE Plex 1 will become 500 Plex and EVE Plex 2 will become 1000 Plex.
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Are you challenging your enemies in the Milky Way controlling a Destroyer or maybe a Battlecruiser? Then you are playing EVE online of course! In your own sci-fi world 21,000 years in the future you can be the captain of your own spaceship with your very own personal character. Humans have exhausted almost all of earth’s resources. Now it is your job to survive in the spaceworld of EVE Online where 500,000 other gamers try to do the same! Conquer other spaceships and steal their resources or try to form alliances and work together. To help you do this, you can buy EVE Plex at Mobiletopup.co.uk. Simply choose the amount of EVE Plex you would like, fill in your email address and choose between PayPal, VISA or one of our other payment methods. Place your order and when we have received your payment, the EVE code will be sent to your inbox.

How to redeem your EVE Plex

You can redeem your EVE Plex via Account Management at secure.eveonline.com and activate them in the game itself. Start by selecting ‘Game Time’ in Account Management. Select ‘Activate Code’ and enter the EVE card code. Now log onto EVE Online. At the character selection screen, you click on the ‘Redeem Items’ button in the bottom of the screen. Click on the arrow that points upwards and all the items in the Redeem section appear, including your purchased Plex. Drag your Plex to a character to whom you would like to add 30 days EVE game time. When you want to add 60 days of game time, just drag more Plex to the chosen character twice!

Buy Plex for EVE Online

EVE Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game. In order to play the game you need game time which you can purchase with EVE Plex. Where can you buy Plex? At Mobiletopup.co.uk! You can choose between Plex in the amounts of one and two. If you have enough game time, use your EVE Plex to customize your character or to transfer one or more characters to another one of your EVE accounts.

Purchase your EVE Online Game Card now for many days of extra gaming fun!