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20/05/2020 - 

Advantages of using prepaid credit cards

Advantages of using prepaid credit cards

Advantages of using prepaid credit cardsIf you want to make safer and more convenient payments online, picking the right payment method is just the first step. And, if you’ve chosen a prepaid credit card, you’re on the right track!

What happens next?

First, it’s good to be well-prepared to use your prepaid credit card safely. Second, get to know your prepaid credit card. That way, you can make the most of it, and avoid certain pitfalls.

Let’s have a look at the top tips for making the most of your prepaid card!

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Advantage #1: Discounts and offers from your prepaid credit card provider (and its partners)

Most people, perhaps you as well, buy a prepaid credit card with a clear purpose in mind. For example, you have a favourite game you play on a specific website. Or you’re a regular user of an entertainment, (luck-based) gaming or shopping platform and you’re seeking a convenient payment method that works there. That’s great.

There’s only one pitfall. By playing your game on the same platform every time, you might be missing out on special offers or discounts related to your game on different websites.

How do you make sure you don’t miss out?

The answer is simple - keep an eye on your prepaid credit card provider’s partners list. This list is available on every provider’s website. And it might surprise you positively. For example, if you’re using CASHlib as a prepaid payment method, you might not know that they have over 1,000 partner websites. Since they’re CASHlib partners, they regularly offer discounts or bonuses for CASHlib users. So, for example, the game you like playing could be offered by more than one partner website, and one of them might have a promotion going on. Promotions are usually announced on the prepaid card provider’s website (News section) or on the partner website itself.

What if you’re not using CASHlib, but a different prepaid credit card - e.g. Neosurf or paysafecard? The good news is, this tip applies across the board.

Some providers might even be able to offer you a broader spectrum of partners, rather than only or mostly gaming and betting websites. Interested in shopping deals? Travel? Networking services? All could be on offer by your provider. If you want to make the most of your prepaid credit card, you just need to keep track of partnerships and deals!

Advantage #2: Avoiding fees by planning ahead

Yes, indeed. If you want to make the most of your prepaid credit card, you need to plan ahead.

What does that mean?

Most prepaid credit cards expire. Their validity period will differ depending on the provider - e.g. from 6 months for a CASHlib voucher to 1 year for a Neosurf. If you don’t use up your prepaid card by then, a penalty fee may apply. These fees are charged either per day or per month. They won’t cost you anything extra but they will eat up the value of your prepaid credit card.

How can you make sure you don’t lose any value due to bad time planning?

It’s simple - set yourself a reminder as soon as you buy a prepaid credit card code. Then you will get a nudge well in advance before your code expires and you can make sure you use up any remaining balance on your card before a fee applies.

In cases such as Neosurf, which is valid for a whole year, you could even set a repeating reminder for yourself - e.g. every 5 months. Pick whatever interval works for you. Just don’t let it all rely on your memory, because that’s how even the best strategy can fail.

To be fair, penalty fees aren’t that high. But these tips are about making the most of your card. If that’s your aim, any avoidable fee is too much.

Advantage #3: Anticipate your spending and save on service fee

If you’re used to buying your prepaid credit card on the spur of the moment, we understand. Mobiletopup.co.uk is all about fast, safe and simple service. After all, if you can do something within seconds, why plan ahead?

Yet, sometimes planning helps. If you buy a prepaid credit card thinking only of the purchase you’re about to make right now, you may overlook the fact that the service fee is often the same across card values.

So, for example, you’re planning to buy something worth less than £ 50 right now. However, for some card providers, the service fee you’d pay would be the same across all card values - e.g. £15, £25, £50 or £100. In those cases you may consider a different card value depending on your future spending plans. Don’t worry - if any value remains on your prepaid card after you make your spontaneous purchase, you can still use it within the validity period of the card. And you already know how to make sure that happens, because you’ve read tip #2.

Is your impulsive purchase the only expense you plan to make with a prepaid credit card for the foreseeable future? Then it might also be better to buy exactly the card value you need right now. After all, thinking ahead means anticipating spending as much as it means anticipating lack of spending.

Advantage #4: Combining several prepaid credit card codes in a single purchase

Combining several prepaid credit card codes in a single purchaseSometimes small amounts can remain on your card after a purchase. These aren’t enough for a whole separate purchase, so you might ignore them, leave the code behind in your inbox and never look back until after the expiry date. By that time, your remaining balance might have fallen prey to the inactivity fee.

Don’t let that happen. Remember that you can use several prepaid credit card codes per purchase. This is possible with CASHlib, as well as paysafecard. Make smart use of this feature by entering old codes first when making a purchase, so you don’t let any money go to waste.

If you’re using Neosurf, you can also opt to transfer any remaining balance from an old voucher to a new voucher as soon as you have one.

To make sure tracking down old prepaid credit card codes is easy, a pro tip is to use the same email address every time to receive your codes. That way you’ll never get lost trying to dig out an old voucher from across multiple inboxes.

Advantage #5: Know that it’s never too late for a refund

Let’s say you haven’t managed to use up your voucher within the validity period. Before you assume that your money is gone, check your prepaid credit card provider’s terms & conditions.

Many providers, including CASHlib, Neosurf, and paysafecard, will still be able to refund your balance to a bank account of your choice. You’ll have to contact their customer service directly. And, yes, it will cost you a fee - these range from a fixed fee of about £ 15 to a percentage of the prepaid code’s value. It’s not ideal, but you’ll still get most of your money back. If that’s not making the most of a less-than-perfect situation, what is?


Now that you’re aware of the top tricks for making the most of your prepaid credit card, we hope you’re going to enjoy it! And when you need a new one, you can get it in seconds here.

Looking to try a different prepaid card? Use our simple tool to pick what’s best for you.

Note that mobiletopup.co.uk only provides a platform via which you can buy a prepaid card, offered by different issuers. The terms & conditions of the issuer always apply to the product bought via mobiletopup.co.uk. We do our best to provide accurate information, however, we accept no liability for the accuracy of the information as for instance circumstances may change and information that was accurate at the time of posting will not necessarily remain so.

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