Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Payment
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1. How do I check my balance?

Each provider has its own instructions to request credit. You can find all the information you need on the specific provider page on Mobiletopup and on our check-your-balance page.

2. I have orderded a top up code for the wrong operator

Top up codes are unique codes that can be issued only once. Once a code is issued, the code cannot be resold. We cannot determine whether a code has already been used or it will be used in the future. We advise you in this case to sell the code to someone else or to exchange the code with someone else.

3. I want to participate in a giveaway / promotion

Every month there are 1 or more promotions or giveaways at These are announced on the banner on our website, in our newsletter and on our Facebook page. For most giveaways the winner will be drafted amongst customers who placed an order during the promotion period. Winners are announced by their order numer; you can find this in your confirmation email: Subject: Order XXXXXXXX". Please save your confirmation emails if you want to participate. Every promotion has unique conditions that apply. Please read them carefully before entering a promotion. All winners will be announced on our winner-page and on Facebook.
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