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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Payment
Use a code

Use a code

1. What to do with a top up voucher code?

You can use the purchased voucher code to top up your call credit, prepaid internet, game account or entertainment account. The last two options enable you to buy games, items and equipment to use in your favourite games or buy memberships. In order to redeem the code you have received, simply follow the given top up instructions. Each product has its own way of redeeming. You can find the necessary instructions on the specific product pages or use the digital step-by-step guides you will receive in your ordermail after placing an order. If you have more questions about your top up voucher code, please do not hesitate to ask and contact us.

2. How to top up my mobile phone?

You can easily top up phone credit online by following a number of steps. First you choose the provider, then choose the amount you would like to top up. Next, check the order and pay via one of UK secure payment methods. Upon payment, you will immediately receive your top up code by e-mail. Eventually you can top up the phone credit of your provider using the top up code and the top up instructions of your Pay as you Go provider.

3. My call credit voucher code is not working

Phone top up codes are unique codes that are issued only once. Such a code would therefore, in combination with the right service provider, always work. Should you not succeed in topping up your phone using the code, we advise you to consult the top up instructions. Here you will find a summary of all Pay as you Go operators. Follow the steps to top up your Pay as you Go account balance. In case you are still unable to top up, please contact your Service Provider. You will find the phone number of the main providers on the contact page.

4. My game / entertainment code is not working

Digital codes are unique codes that are issued only once. Some characters used in these codes look very similar, such as the 0 and the O. Please make sure you have entered the correct characters. In case your question remains unanswered, please contact us. Please attach screenshots of the failure message and the transaction so we can help you as quickly as possible.

5. Top up for iPad

You can easily transfer credit to your tablet. To access the Internet on your iPad, you will need to follow these steps.

1. Go to settings.
2. Click on Mobile Data.
3. Sim-Apps.
4. Top up.
5. Enter top up code and click send.
In case your question remains unanswered,
please contact us.