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SoShop €20
£18.40 + £2.49 service fee SoShop €20
This product is currently not in stock.
SoShop €50
£46.00 + £3.49 service fee SoShop €50
This product is currently not in stock.
SoShop €100
£92.00 + £3.99 service fee SoShop €100
Direct delivery
SoShop €150
£138.00 + £4.99 service fee SoShop €150
Direct delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

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Direct delivery
The code is sent to your email straight away

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About SoShop

It's never been easier to pay safely online than it is now with SoShop. Ideal if you don’t have a credit card, or are worried about giving out personal information on the web.

How does it work? Select an SoShop top-up amount and pay securely with PayPal or your preferred local payment method. Your SoShop code will be in your inbox and ready to use within seconds.

How can I redeem my SoShop card?

You can top up your SoShop card with SMS, in the app or on the SoSho website.

SMS: Send LOAD [top-up code] [last 4 digits of your card] to: 09 78 41 51 10.

SoShop App:

  1. Select “Mes cartes” 

  2. Click “Gérer ma carte”

  3. Then choose “Recharger ma carte”

  4. Fill in your top-up code;

  5. Validate your code;

  6. You’re done! The credit has been added.

SoShop.club website:

  1. Click “mon profil” and then “Gérer ma carte”

  2. Choose for the option to redeem your top-up card "Recharger votre carte"

  3. Use the code you received from Mobiletopup.co.uk

  4. The credit will be added to your SoShop card.

How does the SoShop gift card work?

SoShop is a physical, reloadable, prepaid credit card sold in France, or ordered on SoShop.club The phsyical card can be topped up, and used all over the world, wherever Mastercard is accepted. Besides that, SoShop is a membership that allows customers to take advantage of cashbacks when making purchases in certain stores. To redeem this product, you will need a SoShop.club account and a phsycial SoShop.club Mastercard. Once you have these you are good to go!

What can I buy with a SoShop card?

You can use your SoShop card for anything in the world, as long as Mastercard is accepted.

Can I buy SoShop with PayPal?

Here on Mobiletopup.co.uk you can use PayPal, or many other favorite payment methods to pay for your SoShop card.


How long is my SoShop code valid for?

The code remains valid for 1 year after purchase.

Can I spend the balance of my SoShop card in several installments?

Once the top up amount is on your physical SoShop card you can use it as many times as you want.

How do I check my SoShop card balance?

You can check your SoShop balance in the SoShop app, the soshop.club website or via SMS

to check your balance via SMS send "BALANCE [last four numbers of your SoShop card]" to + 33 - 9 78 41 51 10. You will be charged €0.38 for this request.

How can I contact the SoShop customer service?

There are three ways to contact the SoShop customer service:

Option 1: Fill in the online form

Option 2: Send an email to serviceclient@soshop.club

Option 3: Call 05 16 59 05 06
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