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26/02/2016 - 

4 series you need to watch with your Netflix codes

Netflix, a welcome guest in many British households. We watch episode after episode, it is hard to stop watching. You keep thinking okay, just one more... The popular streaming service is constantly expanding its range of products and services, and is available in almost every country in the world. Netflix codes are now also available at Mobiletopup! You can easily buy your code on our Netflix page. Right in time for the coming Netflix Original series, the release dates for 2016 have been revealed! Your Netflix codes have never been so well-spent.

Netflix Original releases 2016

Make sure to clear your schedule for the rest of the year.

Love SE1 - February 19th
Love follows Gus and Mickey, two opposites when it comes to love. Gus is a typical nice guy who just came out of a relationship in which his girlfriend cheated on him. Mickey is a wild child who just ended a relationship of her own. The two meet eachother by chance in a supermarket, when Mickey does not have enough money to buy chewing gum and cigarettes. Gus offers to pay for her. What follows is a hilarious quest for what love is supposed to be.

House of Cards SE4 - March 4th
Washington's most powerful couple is back. In season 4 of House of Cards we see how Frank and Claire Underwood keep working relentlessly on their careers and will not let anyone stop them. Recently some details have been leaked about season 4, among which the addition of Neve Campbell to the cast. The makers of the series would also be introducing a new power couple to rival Frank and Claire. Is it March 4th yet?

Daredevil SE2 - March 18th
In season 2 of the Marvel series we meet Matt Murdock again, the blind lawyer who fights crime in Hell's Kitchen. After defeating his rival Wilson Fisk in the first season, new enemies await in the coming episodes. There is at least one character that brings curiosity: The Punisher. Also Elektra, a character supposedly from Daredevil's past, makes her appearance. And how about Wilson Fisk, is he going to return from prison? It is going to be an exciting season for sure.

Orange is the New Black SE4 - June 17th
OITNB fans pay attention please! The release date has been revealed and Netflix published a teaser with brand new season 4 footage. It promises to be a heck of a season at Litchfield, with a bus full of new inmates and new faces. Plus, we will find out if Alex is still alive.

Other Netflix Original series releases

Better Call Saul February16th

Fuller House February 26th

Flaked March 11th

The Ranch April 1st

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt April 15th

Marseille May 5th

Grace and Frankie May 6th

Word Party June 3rd

Stranger Things July 15th

The Get Down August 12th

Above you can find a number of other Netflix Original series to be launched this year. Furthermore, Netflix adds new films and documentaries on a weekly basis, so make sure to keep an eye on them! In need of a Netflix code? Go to our Netflix page and let the binge watching begin!
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