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01/12/2018 - 

Top 3 low-priced PSN games December 2018


Top 3 low-priced PSN games December 2018

Looking for cheap, fun games to spend your last PSN credits on? Search no longer: these 3 games are great fun and have a very low price tag. These are the top 3 low-priced PSN games for December 2018.

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Just Cause 3 XXL Edition (£24.99)

Why you should play Just Cause 3 XXL Edition
- An over the top shooter with a unique focus on the singleplayer campaign
- The XXL Edition is a bundle of all the expansions (DLC) Just Cause 3 has ever had.
- A great soundtrack that makes you feel like an action hero
- Just Cause 3 XXL will make you laugh with its hilarious dialogue and characters
- A lot of high-paced action set pieces. And don’t forget about all the explosions
- You decide how much (and what kind of) mayhem takes place during your missions
- There are multiple ways to complete your mission
- Get ready for the new Just Cause 4 with Just Cause 3!

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Fortnite Season 7 (£8.00)

Why you should you play Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7
- It’s Fortnite! One of the biggest online games out there and you can also play it for free
- Play competitive Battle Royale matches
- Level up with the Fortnite Season 7 progression system
- Gain rare items as you progress, like a cool new glider
- Complete challenges and get the most out of every Battle Royale match
- There are new items to unlock, cool cosmetics to pimp your style. Let everybody know who’s the best Fortnite player on the map
- The Fortnite map is highly likely to change - and turn into a winter wonderland. Fingers crossed
- A lot of Christmas-inspired skins. Fortnite can’t ignore the most wonderful time of the year
- A new theme means new weapons and hopefully new vehicles
- Only 950 V-Bucks for a Battle Pass!
- Fortnite supports crossplay. Play Season 7 Battle Royale across all consoles and devices

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Skytime (£2.49)

Why you should play Skytime
- Very unique 3D platformer for a very low price
- The player can slow time and use it to their advantage
- Slow time to dodge bullets and other obstacles
- Skytime is a platformer, but also a puzzle game: the best of both worlds
- Figuring out the quickest way to beat each level is very challenging and heaps of fun
- Be a completionist and destroy every turret in every level
- 9 futuristically designed levels
- You’re being chased by an evil private military company called Mortech. Who doesn’t love an evil corporation with a name like that?
- Did I already mention it’s just £2.49? Just making sure.

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