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04/02/2019 - 

Valentine's day games: top 4

stardew valley

Valentine's day games: top 4

Love is in the air! Now’s the perfect time to get cosy with the right partner... er... game. Nothing says valentine's day like the perfect game, does it? Some people even propose via their favourite game. Remember that Farmville proposal? Others go for a more casual route and settle down for a good old gaming session, dodging the traditional (maybe even boring) valentine’s day date. Whether you’re looking for valentine’s day gifts for him or valentine’s gifts for her, make sure you check out the great selection of games below.

1. Stardew Valley

It may not seem like it, but this farming simulation game is all about relationships. Get ready to take over your deceased grandfather’s farm in a place called Stardew Valley. You’ll go on to manage your character’s time and energy as he tends to the land and engages in different social activities. That includes valentine’s day-worthy romances which can lead to marriages. We told you this was a fertile ground for lasting relationships...

You create your character at the beginning of the game and choose one of the five available farm maps. You can also spend time with non-player characters (NPC) who are a part of the town and form relationships with them. This often results in marriage, which leads to the NPC helping you to work on the farm. You can also spend your time on other hobbies like fishing, cooking, crafting, exploring, and lots more. You can also take part in different quests to earn extra money and work towards completing bundles: collections of materials offered to the town’s Community Center.

In return, you receive seeds and tools. The more bundles you complete, the more access you get to new areas and game mechanics. We’re talking deserts and greenhouse farming! Don’t forget your character’s health: if you’re too exhausted, you’ll be returned to your house and you’ll lose any opportunity to continue your activities from the previous day. If your health gets worse, you’ll lose most of your energy, as well as a certain amount of money and items.

2. Sims

You’re probably already familiar with the strategic life simulation game that is The Sims. Instead of presenting players with a clear goal, the aim is usually to finish certain objectives, but you can also just roam around, and explore the virtual world as creatively as possible. And yes, that also means forming relationships with the best-looking Sims around. Or the ones most perfectly suited to your complicated but lovable personality, obviously. Teens can ‘go steady’ with other teens and adults can have crushes or propose and get married. There’s no way to win the game, so go ahead and play it indefinitely. Of course, not winning doesn’t mean there isn’t an element of failure lurking somewhere. For instance, your Sims can die if you neglect them long enough by starving, drowning, getting caught in a fire or being electrocuted. To top things off, you’ll always be remembered of the sorry incident by a symbolic tombstone or urn, as well as the ghost of your dead Sims, which will forever haunt the building.

3. Dream Daddy

It’s the progressive, non-heteronormative game you’ve always been waiting for! Not the stuff of mainstream audiences, but we know there’s a niche group out there who appreciates it. The game is an interactive visual novel where the player has 7 different fathers to pick from for a date. Yep, you heard that right. How serious you take this quest is up to you. Luckily for you, you can customize the appearance of your player character so you have the best chance to win them over. You’ll be expected to complete mini-games and can enjoy voice acting by Game Grumps show members. Towards the end of the game, players are expected to have learned lessons in fatherhood and relationships. The game also deals with things like social anxiety and toxic masculinity.

4. My Horse Prince

If you like your weird (Japanese) storylines, this might be your thing. Picture this: a young businesswoman who works most of her time and hasn’t found ‘The One’ yet . She quits her job and visits a horse ranch, hoping to find enough attractive men there. Things turn out differently, as there are hardly any potential dates. What she does find is the horse Yuuma, who has an appealing human face. The ranch owner explains to her that Yuuma is a normal horse; she only sees him different because some women born in the year of the horse see horses as men. With some persuasion, the woman becomes the horse’s owner. Spending more time with Yuuma while she prepares him for an upcoming race takes her by surprise: could she be falling for him?

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