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24/09/2018 - 

Netflix chick flicks 2018


Netflix chick flicks 2018

Sometimes only a chick flick will do. All the romcom haters out there can respectfully step aside - this one’s for all the feel-good movie lovers out there. Is there anything better than getting together with some friends to watch the most uplifting movies you can find on Netflix? Are you ready to discover the best chick flicks on Netflix? We’ll leave the best comedies on Netflix for another time.

1. La La Land

There aren’t that many romantic films out there that combine pure escapism with a massive feel-good factor. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are gold in this old-school Hollywood-type film that was heavily praised by - you guessed it - Hollywood.

2. 13 going on 30

When 13-year-old Jenna’s wish to wake up as a 30-year old woman comes true, not everything is as she expected…
This film captures all the awkwardness of being a teen, as well as the realities of being a woman in your thirties.

3. Notting Hill

Yes, it’s very British. But it’s also one of the best rom coms to banish the blues.
An old classic to revisit from time to time - especially if you can tolerate Hugh Grant’s occasionally awkward grimaces.
We think the odd behaviours of Hugh Grant’s chaotic flatmate will probably stay with you some time. ‘‘There’s something wrong with this yoghurt…’’

4. Bridget Jones’ Baby

Nightmare fuel for romantic comedy-haters - but we’re guessing they’re not reading this right now.
Based on Helen Fielding’s successful column and bestselling book, this movie picks up where the last Bridget Jones movie left off.
Great to watch on a cold winter's day. Patrick Dempsey’s brief appearance isn’t bad either.

5. Before I fall

If you’re looking for a combination of Groundhog Day and 13 Reasons Why, this is it.
This is the story of a high school teenager who tries to find out why she has to constantly re-live her dying day.
Believe it or not, this was one of the best indie films of 2017.

6. My Best Friend’s Wedding

This one’s a real classic. When a food critic (Julia Roberts) suddenly realises she loves her best friend, it’s too late: he’s about to get married (not to her).
It’s not just Roberts who does a great job in this film. Cameron Diaz and Rupert Everett are just as awesome.

7. Titanic

It’s a golden oldie for a reason: who doesn’t get a bit swept away by Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio’s intense portrayal of this heartbreaking romance?
As has been demonstrated much later by Kate Winslet herself, it turns out that there was more than enough room for both Jack and Rose on that piece of wood they were both clinging to…

8. Blue is the Warmest Colour

Never watched a lesbian romance before? You should definitely try it!
This one is a great entry point. It was heavily praised at Cannes - and is one of the best romantic movies you’re likely to find on Netflix.
It’s also a good one to practice your French with.

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