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31/08/2015 - 

Gift wrap your purchased top up credit!

You have a birthday coming up. Finding a gift is not always the easiest thing to do, the older we get, the more we already have. How can you stay original?

It probably never crossed your mind, but you can easily give someone top up credit as a gift. Nowadays everyone stays in contact via mobile phone and phone credit has a tendency to be gone before you know it. What better gift than the gift of staying connected with family and friends?

To make things easier on you, we decided it was time to add a new and completely free gift service to You can now truly surprise someone with a personalised gift.

Top up credit as a gift

If you still do not like the idea of giving someone phone credit, it is good to know that you can also give one of our gift cards as a present. You are not limited to phone credit. Give a music lover our iTunes Gift Card or Spotify Gift Card and surprise a gamer with an Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo or Steam card. If someone could use new apps on their Android, give a Google Play Card. We have even added the Gift Card! There is something for everyone.

Gift wrap your purchased top up credit on

Personalizing your gift

What does our newest service entail? You will receive the ordered top up voucher as a PDF. The PDF, which includes the top up code, will be generated as soon as the payment has been done. With our gift service you can add a personal message to the PDF document. To really make it a gift, you can add gift wrap!

Using the gift service

When you have chosen the credit you would like to give someone, choose the order now button. On the order page you can fill everything in as you are used to - email address and payment method. To add gift wrap and a personal message, check the box that says “Top up as a gift”. Once you have placed your order and we have received the payment, the top up code will appear on your screen. In the same screen you can add your personal message and choose a gift wrap. Are you finished? Click on the download button and download the PDF. The PDF document will include the top up code, personal message and gift wrap.

Simply print the document, cut out the gift wrap, fold, wrap and you are done!
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