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24/06/2019 - 

Google Play Store Top 3s

Google Play Top 3

If you're looking for great recommendations of what to download with a Google Play gift code, you've come to the right place. Good Play codes makes downloading apps, music and films to your Android device safer and easier. It's a great gift for yourself or for someone you love. Check out our top 3 recommendations for each category : Apps, Films and Music.

Top Apps in the Google Play Store

1. Train Taxi
All aboard! You're a train conductor and your goal is simple: as you ride the train tracks and collect passengers, select at every intersection which direction your train takes next. Just like the classic game Snake, wagons are added to your train as you collect more passengers and you must watch out not to run into your own train as you get longer and longer. This mobile game is free to play but for a small fee you can unlock new tracks and disable advertisements, which we highly recommend to fully enjoy the experience!

2. SkyView SkyView App
Do you ever look up to the sky at night and wonder what's up there? If you're like us, you probably can just about recognise the Big Dipper and perhaps the North Star if you're lucky - but not much more. Impress your friends and family during the upcoming long summer nights with this great app which tells you about every constellation, planet and other celestial object above your head. Simply point your camera towards the sky and let your phone tell you what's out there. This pay once Android app is very affordable (under £2), and you will get a lot from it. Do not miss out if you haven't already installed it on your phone.

3. Pocket Cast - Podcast Player
Podcasts have become increasingly trendy in the last few years. These audio programmes are for the most part free and offer an excellent opportunity to have a good laugh or learn something new while you're on your daily commute. So for a small one time fee, why not enjoy a very well designed podcast player? Intuitive design, hand-curated podcast recommendations, custom audio features and much more await you with Pocket Casts Podcast Player. It's definitely worth the small investment! Get it using your Google Play Gift Code now.

Top Films in the Google Play Store

1. AquamanAquaman Film
Another superhero film hits Google's digital shelves, and a great one too. Breathtaking action, incredible scenery and much more await you in the film starring Arthur Curry (aka Aquaman), the half-human half-Atlantean. The Kingdom of Atlantis is in trouble. Will Aquaman be able to prevent a war between water and land? In order to get there, he might first need to face his own demons. Follow Aquaman as he takes his first steps into becoming a superhero and perhaps the next King of Atlantis.

2. How to Train Your Dragon: the Hidden World
Dreamworks has done it again. After the hilarious and touching Shreks series, Dreamwork has brought us more recently the family-friendly How to Train Your Dragon series. In this new episode, Viking and Dragons have created a utopia where they can get along like a house on fire! However, the strange appearance of a white dragon leads our heroes to discover a hidden World populated by dragons. Love is also in the air for Toothless, Hiccup's black dragon.

3. John Wick: Chapter 2
With the third film of the Saga just coming out, get yourself pumped by (re)watching John Wick 2! Renowned hitman John Wick claims to have turned his back on his dark past, but he gets roped into performing one last job. When things take a turn for the worst, John Wick decides to take his destiny into his own hands and seek vengeance on those who betrayed him. This film isn't for the faint-hearted: expect a lot of action and a lot of killing. With an awesome soundtrack, cool settings and great action, Keanu Reeves (who plays John Wick) shows us that he still has it. Do not miss out on this new action film series!

Top Music available in the Google Play Store

1. Madonna - Madame X Madame X Madonna
Madonna's new album was released on the 14th of June and it's already getting amazing reviews. Madonna appeals in this album to her classic fan base with a small selection classic Madonna-esque disco-funk songs such as God Control or I Don't Search I Find. However, the real hits are the Latino influenced songs, such as "Fast Gostoso" or "Bitch I'm Loca" where she collaborates with great artists such as Anitta or Maluma. Yes, despite her age, Madonna proves that she is still young at heart and able to stay relevant in the POP music world.

2. Elton John - Diamonds
With Rocketman currently showing at the cinema, maybe it's time that you brush up on your Elton John. Indeed, the British artist has been creating amazing hits since the 1970s. Diamonds is an expansive collection of all of Elton John's greatest hits, from Rocket Man and Don't Go Breaking My Heart to Can You feel The Love Tonight and many more. Rediscover all the classics and discover new songs that will touch your heart and make you want to sing along. You might be surprised by how many beautiful songs you recognise that you didn't suspect were written by him. Elton John is truly our diamond.

3. Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins
Released on June 6th, this new album shows how much the Jonas Brothers' voices and styles have matured over the years. No longer a Disney band, the Jonas Brothers' new album, Happiness Begins, offers us great quality tunes and musical diversity song after song. Each track will make you want to dance and is certain to capture your heart with touching lyrics and heartfelt melodies. Don't be a Sucker and get this great album now with your Google Play Gift Code now.

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