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05/09/2019 - 

Google Play Store Top 3s

Google Play Top 3

If you're looking for great recommendations of what to download with a Google Play gift code, you've come to the right place. Good Play codes makes downloading apps, music and films to your Android device safer and easier. It's a great gift for yourself or for someone you love. Check out our top 3 recommendations for each category : Apps, Films and Music.

Top Apps in the Google Play Store

1. BraintossBraintoss
How many times have you had a great idea or thought of something very important, only to forget it afterwards? Your instinct might be to note it on your phone or on paper, but often you don't really have time to note and sort them properly and good ideas never come at the right moment. This is where Braintoss comes in. With a simple interface, Braintoss enables you to send an audio, video or text straight to your email inbox. Save your great ideas on the go and be reminded of these when you check your emails at home. Perfect!

2. Trail Boss BMX
A very cool 3D BMX game where you ride down dirt trails making jumps and performing tricks. High quality graphics, smooth esthetics and fun controls, it's the perfect way to pass time on your Android phone when you're caught waiting or have a few minutes to kill. Don't miss out on this new addictive game from Noodlecake Studios. Get it easily with a Google Play Gift Code.

3. Pocket Cast - Podcast Player
Podcasts have become increasingly trendy in the last few years. These audio programmes are free and offer an excellent opportunity to have a good laugh or learn something new while you're on your daily commute or just chilling. So for a small one-time fee, why not enjoy a very well designed podcast player? Intuitive design, hand-curated podcast recommendations, custom audio features and much more await you with Pocket Casts Podcast Player. It's definitely worth the small investment!

Top Films in the Google Play Store

1. Avenger's EndgameAvengers Endgame
This is the fourth instalment in the Avengers saga and more importantly the conclusion to the terrible cliffhanger of the previous movie. While the world wallows in the aftermaths of Thanos' devastating attack, Tony Stark (Iron Man) comes across a small but significant discovery which suggests that not all hope is lost. The world's greatest heroes have to unite once again to save the world, revisiting their footsteps and creating new realities. Expect a great plot, breathtaking action, and every hero from the Marvel franchise. It's a must see!

2. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu
Movies based on videogames often get a bad rap, but we must say Detective Pikachu takes a fantastic exception to the rule! Our hero Tim investigates the disappearance of his father, top detective Harry Goodman. In order to do so, he is aided by none other than Goodman's former partner, the great detective Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds). Packed with humorous situations and clever writing, the film takes you through the city streets of Ryme City, finding new clues and meeting Pokémons along the way. It's a great family movie that we know you will love.

3. Alita: Battle Angel
James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez bring to life Gunnm, the famous manga and anime, with this great piece of dystopian science fiction. Alita the cyborg is reconstructed by a compassionate doctor, and awakens in the slums of a broken future society ridden by crime, poverty and profound injustice. As the young girl learns to master her strength, hidden memories will emerge and sway her towards the path of revenge. Follow Alita as she fights her way up to Zalem to confront her dark past. Watch it easily using a Google Play Gift Code.

Top Music available in the Google Play Store

1. Lover- Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift
It's out and it's fabulous. Taylor Swift dazzles us with 18 tracks about the things she cares about most: her friends, her boyfriend, her mom and, of course, love. Emotionally mature and honest, Lover is an album which is hopeful and that reminds us that love and heartache are things that make us stronger. Great tracks include You need to calm down, Lover, The Man and Cruel Summer. Great for listening and to dance to, don't miss out!

2. Fear Inoculum - Tool
Fans of Tool can rejoice: Thirteen years have passed since Tool's last album has been released and boy was it worth the wait! This L.A. based progressive metal has had a cult following since their debuts in 1993. Possibly one of the most important albums of their career, Fear Inoculum is as polished, powerful and touching as it will ever get. Keenan's vocals are possibly some of the best the band has ever known and the opening song Fear Inoculum sets the tone just right for what's ahead. Support this treasure of a band by getting their album using a Google Play Gift Code

3. Chronologic - Caravan Palace
One of the most creative and definitely easiest bands to listen to, Caravan Palace has just released their new album Chronologic. Merging old jazz sounds with electronic beats and catchy vocals, each of the 11 tracks is a creative experience of its own. You can listen and listen again to this and always find something new to appreciate. Create a great atmosphere, no matter what the occasion, thanks to this album.

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