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25/06/2019 - 

iTunes & App Store Top 3s

What can I buy with my iTunes Gift Card?

With an iTunes & App Store Gift Card, a whole world of entertainment opens up for you. Whether you use it for your mac at home or your iPhone when you’re on the go, we’ll make sure you’ll get the best out of it. Check out our iTunes top 3 apps, albums and films of the moment below. Because we know you love apps, you’ll also find our Top 3 apps of all time at the end of the list.

Top 3 Apps available on iTunes

1. Plantsnap Pro Plantsnap App
If you're one of those people who enjoys nature but cannot name a single plant or tree, this is the perfect app for you. With Plantsnap Pro you can instantly identify any plant, tree or flower just by pointing your camera at the unknown flora. Great to use in the garden, but also quite helpful when you’re out walking in the countryside. With this app, you have access to a growing, global database of over 585,000 species. Who said augmented reality would separate us from nature?

2. Bloons TD 6
Tower defense games have always been popular and you've probably seen the games Bloons before. Defend your base against an army of colourful balloons using dart shooting monkeys, canons and many more crazy items. But don't assume it's all fun and games, this game gets very technical in the later levels. Perfect your strategy and upgrade your defense system in this addicting game. You'll never be bored again!

3. Heads up!
Entertaining for both children and adults, this app is definitely the best for you buck. All you need is a hand full of friends (or hundreds) and a phone with Heads up! installed on it. Display a card on the screen, put the iPhone on your head (so you can't see it), and play a collective guessing game where you must name celebrities, singing a song or do silly accents before the timer runs out. You can keep videos of the hilarious time you've had and post them on Facebook if you wish!

Top 3 albums available on iTunes

1. Madonna - Madame X
Madonna has been reinventing herself and generating hits since she started in the 80s. This new albums shows she does not intend on stopping! Classic fans will find some funky disco tunes to enjoy, but we expect newer generations to also take an interest as Madonna collaborates with Latina singers such as Anitta and Maluma. Madonna's music takes a modern latino-influenced sound and pulls it off - It's fresh, catchy and everything we'd expect from the queen of pop. Get your album on iTunes using an iTunes gift card.

2. I Love the 90s - Ministry of Sound
Summer is kicking in; time to start late night outdoor parties. If you're feeling nostalgic for awesome 90s tunes such as What is Love from Haddaway or Rhythm of the Night by Corona, this 63 song compilation has every tune you need to keep the party going all night long! Get 63 songs for the price of 7 by downloading this one album instead of getting each song individually. Great tunes and great value for money, what more can you ask you for?

3. Jonas Brothers - Happiness BeginsJonas Brothers
Happiness Begins, the new Jonas Brothers album, is more mature and catchier than ever. Every song is a testimony to the hard work they've put as pop artists to create fun, catchy and touching pop music. Fans of the Jonas Brothers brothers will appreciate how far they have come from since their beginning as a Disney band, but new listeners might also enjoy the diversity of musical styles and the consistency in quality throughout the whole album! Fun for children as well as enjoyable for adults, this is the perfect album to download if you're looking for pop music that's easy to enjoy.

Top 3 films available on iTunes

1. Ready Player One Ready Player One
Steven Spielberg's newest film takes you to 2045 in a world on the brink of collapse. People now inhabit the OASIS, a virtual reality universe where things do not seem so bad. When the creator of this world, James Halliday, dies, it is announced that his fortune will go to the first person to find a digital Easter egg hidden in the virtual universe. Follow the young hero Wade Waats as he embarks on an epic treasure hunt which will take you through the fantastic yet dangerous world of the OASIS.

2. Black Panther
A film that needs little to no introduction. Discover or revisit the Kingdom of Wakanda, an isolated high-tech African nation. When hostile visitors appear and threaten the land's way of life, T-Challa, our hero and heir to the throne, must incarnate the superhero role of Black Panther to save his land (and of course the world). Black Panther is a film with outstanding special effects, as well as a socially relevant story. If you have not seen it yet, this is the chance to understand why everyone has been talking about it! Now, you can enjoy this awesome Marvel film at home thanks to your iTunes gift card.

3. Death Wish
This one somewhat flew under the radar but we definitely believe it is worth a watch. In this reinstallment of a classic 80s film, Bruce Willis takes revenge on what was done to his wife and daughter. Rather than rely on the police to investigate the burglary of his home, he decides to take matters in his own hands... Expect a classic crime-fighting flick with plenty of action and a well-executed nods to the 80s original film. Do not miss out on this gem!

Top 3 Apps of all time

Minecraft App StoreChosen by user Apple users, these are the most popular Apps you can download with your iTunes Gift Card.

1. Minecraft
The immensely popular sandbox game deserves the spot of number 1. If you have never played Minecraft, don't diss it till you've tried it! All we will say is that it has created millions of square town and city addicts for a good reason. And with all the updates over the years, Minecraft has become even more immersive than ever. You can still simply build your base and attempt to survive, like game was originally designed, but take a look at Youtube and you will understand that this game has become so much more!

2. Glitché
The photo editor app that’s become famous through word of mouth. Glitch your photos in intriguing ways to create new visuals. This app has been used by none other than Radiohead, Gorillaz, Pharrell Williams, Vetements, and many more artists and labels from various artistic fields. What cool designs will you create from your photos?

3. 1 Second Everyday: Video Diaryalt
See 1 Second Everyday as a quick daily video diary. Create short clips of just one second to capture amazing (or just sweet and simple) events. After a year, the App creates a reel of your greatest memories this past year. This is a much nicer way to revisit the highlights of the past year without having to scroll through thousands of (often terrible) pictures you took on your phone.

Feeling inspired? Get your iTunes gift card now and let the fun begin!

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