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06/05/2019 - 

iTunes & App Store Top 3s

What can I do with my iTunes Gift Card?

iTunes Top 3
You just got your iTunes Gift Card and might be wondering: what can the iTunes Gift Card be used for? With an iTunes & App Store Gift Card, a whole world of entertainment opens up for you. Whether you use it for your mac at home, or your iPhone when you’re on the go, we’ll make sure you’ll get the best out of it.

iTunes Top 3

To help you out a bit, we’ve created an iTunes Top 3. Below you’ll find the best apps, albums, and films of the moment. Because we love apps, you’ll also find our Top 3 apps of all time at the end of the list.

Top 3 Apps

1. Escapist
This amazing sandbox game is not about committing the crime, but about surviving your time in jail. You’ve been caught, and you’re inside an 8-bit prison. Now it’s time to break out. But you’re under the watchful eyes of the prison guards. And although you might get used to prison life, it will never get easier to escape. You can create weapons, trade items with other prisoners or bribe the guards: all to try out the best tactics to escape. Addictive and clever, it’s bound to capture you for a while.
2. 7 Minute Workout
Getting an effective workout in 7 minutes? That’s no problem at all with the 7 Minute Workout app. The program consists of 12 exercises which you will perform for 30 seconds each. Combined with the 10 second rest intervals, you’ll be done in just over 7 minutes. There’s no need for any equipment to do these exercises. With video, audio, image, and text as instructions for every exercise there’s no way you’ll be doing it wrong. What’s more, you can track your activity and monitor your progress for an easy yet effective overview.

3. Plantsnap Pro
Do you have green fingers? Then this is the perfect app for you. This app can instantly identify any plant, tree or flower. Great for your own garden, but also quite helpful when you’re out in the countryside or taking a hike. With this app, you will have a growing, global database of over 585,000 species at the tip of your fingers. Where you go, you’re bound to find out about any plant in your sight.

Top 3 albums

1. Angry Cyclist - The Proclaimers
It doesn’t happen too often that a band that’s originally from the 80s still delivers multiple albums per decade. But The Proclaimers simply do just that, with Angry Cyclists being their newest release. And it’s not just a rehash of their old sound from decades ago. It’s still a solid album, waiting to get listened to by you.

2. Escape City - GorgonThe Coral Move Through the Dawn
With their roots still in the underground electronic scene of London, but their focus on the international scene, Escape City presents a packed package of catchy pop-house bangers. With multiple different vocal guests, the album presents a wide variety of sounds. Continuing the journey from their debut album, they are headed into the right direction.

3. The Coral - Move Through the Dawn
Releasing a ninth album is always an accomplishment, especially when it sounds as interesting as the album cover. Drenched in vintage references and pop sounds, the album is in itself another musical accomplishment. Don’t let the album cover scare you off: it’s a solid album, whatever the album cover may make you feel.

Top 3 films

1. A Star is Born
A Star Is Born Film
With Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga taking the lead roles, this musical romantic drama plays all the right strings. Bittersweet but lovely, this is a great watch, with great performances by both Gaga and Cooper. What you might know, is that this is the fourth remake of a film originally from the 1930s. Still, it manages to be an original and classic drama with a soundtrack that will hit every right note.

2. Red Sparrow
What happens when you combine Jennifer Lawrence, Russia, and a spy training plot? You get Red Sparrow. In this film, Lawrence portrays a former Ballerina who is recruited as a spy for the Russian intelligence agency. Stylistically pleasing and filmed in Budapest, but full of quite graphic violence. If you like thrillers with an edge, this film is surely worth checking out.

3. Death Wish
In this reinstallment of a classic 80s film, Bruce Willis takes revenge on what was done to his wife and daughter. He takes matters into his own hands. Slowly, he starts fighting crime rather than relying on the police detectives investigating the burglary of his home. If you like a classic crime-fighting flick, with plenty of action and a nod to the 80s original, this is just the one for you.

Top 3 Apps of all time

Minecraft App StoreThe classics. These have been our favourites for quite some time. And not just ours: these apps are still quite popular in general.

1. Minecraft
The immensely popular sandbox game deserves this spot. Although it might not be your cup of tea, it is the one for loads of people. With all the updates the game has received over the years it has become even more immersive than ever. You can also still simply build your base and survive, of course. But it has become so much more.

2. Glitché
The photo editor app that’s become sort-of famous in itself. Glitch your photos in intriguing ways to create something visually different on its own. This app has been used by none other than Radiohead, Gorillaz, Pharrell Williams, Vetements, and many more artist and labels of various fields.

3. 1 Second Everyday: Video Diaryalt
See 1 Second Everyday as a sort of super-quick video diary for yourself, with which you can make clips of just a second to capture an amazing (or just sweet and simple) event. After a year, you’ll end up with a reel of your greatest memories with the convenience of revisiting those moments without having to scroll through thousands and thousands of pictures on your phone.

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