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31/10/2019 - 

iTunes & App Store Top 3s

What can I buy with my iTunes Gift Card?

With an App Store & iTunes Gift Card, a whole world of entertainment opens up for you. Whether you use it for your mac at home or your iPhone when you’re on the go, we’ll make sure you’ll get the best out of it. Check out our App Store top 3 apps, and top 3 albums and films to download on iTunes. Because we know you love apps, you’ll also find our Top 3 iPhone apps of all time at the end of the list.

Top 3 Apps available on the App Store

1. FortniteFortnite Apple
Did you know you can play one of the most popular multiple battle royale online shooters on your iPhone? Well if you didn't, now you know! Whether you just want to mess around or show others who's the boss, Fortnite is free to play and easy to pick up. The more advanced players will, however, enjoy the extra features such as Battle Passes, special packs and extra skins to pimp your player's appearance. You can purchase these directly with your App Store credit or using V-Bucks, the in-game currency. Don't miss out on Season one of Fortnite Chapter 2 and the Deep Freeze Bundle, which have both just been released!

2. Geometry Dash
Geometry is one of these simple games which gets under your skin and becomes an obsession before you can even say its name. Tap the screen to the rhythm of the catchy music as your poligonal characters bounces from platform to platform and overcomes obstacles. Simple, right? Not exactly! Play through the 21 official levels and discover the main's main attraction: the level creation and sharing system. Discover this way an infinity of new levels, curated and shared online for the fans' greatest pleasure. Maybe you will feel inspired enough to submit your own level? Buy this app easily and in no time using an App Store & iTunes gift card.

3. Goat Simulator
This is currently the best goat simulator out on the market. Some would say it plays much like a famous skateboarding game, with the small difference that you play as a goat. Explore various cities and landscapes while causing as much destruction as possible in the process. Knock people down, crash (into) rooftop parties, and rack up points by doing awesome air tricks and knocking down everything in your way. The game is also stuffed was hilarious glitches which will make the experience even more comical. So why not give this game a try, what have you goat to lose?

Top 3 albums available on iTunes

1. Once Upon a Mind - James BluntJames Blunt
There's no denying that James Blunt's music is beautiful, but is it still true? The answer is a resounding yes. "Once Upon a Mind" is James Blunt's sixth studio album. It is a wonderful collection of catchy pop tunes mixing heartfelt lyrics, sentimental guitar riffs and upbeat tunes. This is more of an easy listening kind of album, but in the best of ways. Download this album in moments using an App Store & iTunes gift card.

2. JESUS IS KING - Kanye West
Lyrical genius and rap visionary Kanye West is back with his new album JESUS IS KING. As fans already know, Kanye asserts his faith as clearly as as the ALL CAPS he uses to name his ninth album. No shying away from his beliefs, JESUS IS KING starts with gospel and gradually mixes all genres to create a unique blend of spirituality and stylish hip hop. Kanye likes to break conventions and this album is no exception to the rule. Highlights include "Follow God" and "Selah".

3. The Best of Me - Rick Astley
Although the hilarious online practice of Rick Rollin' has put Rick Astley's main hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" back on the map, it would be a shame to believe his musical career is limited to that one song. "The Best of Me" brings you 30 of Rick Astely's greatest songs in one double album. You will have songs such as "Together Forever" or "Cry for Help", as well as plenty of new catchy songs to discover.

Top 3 films available on iTunes

1.Toy Story 4Toy Story 4
Pixar Animation Studios' franchise Toy Story is alive and well! In this fourth installment, Andy has long grown up and given his old toys to the little kindergarten girl Bonnie. Although Bonnie expresses love for all her toys, an unlikely candidate takes the crown: Forky, the spork (voiced by Tony Hale). Created by Bonnie at school from recovered materials and trash, Forky has a Frankenstein-like existential crisis which leads to him escaping despite the other toys' best efforts to make him feel included. Embark on a journey with Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen) as they try to bring Forkie back to Bonnie and come across many unexpected surprises along the way, including an old flame from Woody's past.

2. MIB International
So you thought MIB only operated in the US? Think again, Earth is a big planet! This new episode takes our suited-up alien fighters to the UK MIB headquarters. Follow the journey agent M, the new recruit, as she discovers the organisation and makes her places as the newest promising talent. To secure her training, M is teamed up with agent H, an arrogant but experienced agent whose superior refer to as "the best ever to wear the suit". True to the spirit of the original Men in Black (which starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones), you can expect lots of humour, fun stunts and silliness throughout this epic alien fighting journey.

3. Aladdin
Disney continues the live-action adaptations of old animated classic with this remake Aladdin from 1992. Our favourite blue genie is now played by Will Smith, who does a great job granting Aladdin's three wishes and filling the hole Robin Williams left in our hearts. Whether you have seen the original animated classic or are discovering this remake for the first time, you can be sure to embark on a magic carpet ride through the retelling of the classic story from the 1001 nights. Watch it on iTunes now with an App Store & iTunes gift card.

Top 3 Apps of all time

Minecraft App StoreChosen by user Apple users, these are the most popular Apps you can download with your iTunes Gift Card.

1. Minecraft
The immensely popular sandbox game deserves the spot of number 1. If you have never played Minecraft, don't diss it till you've tried it! All we will say is that it has created millions of square town and city addicts for a good reason. And with all the updates over the years, Minecraft has become even more immersive than ever. You can still simply build your base and attempt to survive, like game was originally designed, but take a look at Youtube and you will understand that this game has become so much more!

2. Glitché
The photo editor app that’s became famous through word of mouth. Glitch your photos in intriguing ways to create new visuals. This app has been used by none other than Radiohead, Gorillaz, Pharrell Williams, Vetements, and many more artists and labels from various artistic fields. What cool designs will you create from your photos?

3. 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary1 Second Every Day
See 1 Second Everyday as a quick daily video diary. Create short clips of just one second to capture amazing (or just sweet and simple) events. After a year, the App creates a reel of your greatest memories this past year. This is a much nicer way to revisit the highlights of the past year without having to scroll through thousands of (often terrible) pictures you took on your phone.

Feeling inspired? Get your iTunes gift card now and let the fun begin!

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