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19/09/2018 - 

Our top Google Play apps, films, and books

Google Play favourites

Be inspired by our Top 3s of Google Play products!
Got a new Google Play Gift Card but are you not sure what to get yet? Well, consumers in this day and age often experience what one may call "consumers block": Because of the endless possibilities it may feel simply near impossible to make the right choice nowadays. Sounds familiar?

We’ve got good news if you’re actually one of them: We’ve created a top 3 for apps, films, and books available in the Google Play Store. Also nice if you’re looking for something new to do! Maybe you’ll find your next weapon against boredom, or spend and evening (all the way through the night, naturally) on your next favourite thriller, whether in the form of a novel or tv series. Choose from something below and indulge yourself.

Top Apps

Clash Royale Google Play
1. Clash Royale: For the competitive bunch! Get to your next battle, and not just against boredom, and win! Fight online in real-time, obtain new items and maps, and conquer along with your friends.
2. Headspace: Meditation and Mindfulness Made Simple: Practicing a bit of self-care is never a bad idea, and this app just so happens to help you out with that! The app provides you with classic meditation techniques and breathing exercises to find your own inner peace.
3. Pokémon GO: For when it’s time to go outside—now that you still can! Search for your next Pokémon, get to the next Pokéstop, and Catch ‘em all!
There’s a reason that this game is still as popular as it is. Pick up where you left off a while ago, or jump into the adventure fresh-faced and ready for the next battle. *Cue battle music…*

Top Films

A Quiet Place
1. A Quiet Place: This thriller has proven to be popular in theaters around the world, so see for yourself if you enjoy sound-hunting creatures in this suspenseful film.
2. Ready Player One: Follow Wade through a digital utopian world, which seems to come closer and closer in this day and age. Maybe we should pay more attention to Elon Musk’s ideas on AI… but let’s watch the movie first! Strap in, and enjoy.
3. Tomb Raider: A film based on the ever-expanding game franchise; watch Lara Croft’s origin story unfold. One of the better received movies based on a video-game series. See what you think for yourself.

Top Books

The Secret
1. This Is Going To Hurt - Adam Kay: If you’re not able to withstand detailed descriptions of injuries and whatnot, then this may not be the book for you. If you think you’d enjoy real insights into the life of junior doctors - you should definitely read this. The subtitle being “Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor” should give a clue on what it’s based. It can be said, however, that it’s an interesting read and should give you some insight on long days full of extreme cases of the human condition.
2. The Secret - K.L. Slater: Secrets... Alice, her sister Louise, and Louise’s son Archie keep them, and they’re struggling with the fact that they do. There are untold truths present in the reality of the three people. Get hooked and unearth the secrets of this novel.
3. Now You See Her - Heidi Perks: Your friend’s daughter goes missing because of you, because you didn’t pay enough attention. What do you do? How do you even confront her? What do you do when there are two stories but only one truth? Now You See Her is a thrilling, chilling page-turner.

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