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05/09/2019 - 

Top 3 best PlayStation games to buy with your PSN card

Top 3 best PlayStation games to buy with your PSN card

Looking for the best way to spend your PSN credit? Here are our top 3 recommendations for PS4 games. The categories are:
- Best Value for Money
- Best Retro Experience
- Best Upcoming AAA Game.

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Rocket League PSN

Best value for Money: Rocket League® (£15.99)

Metacritic Score: 85
5 reasons you should play Rocket League:
1. Rocket League plays smoothly and looks amazing, perfectly utilising the Unreal engine. It also has an awesome soundtrack.
2. The game is so addictive! You will always be tempted to play one last round.
3. Playing online is a blast. The game has a huge and dedicated fan base and supports cross-platform gaming. This means you can crush Xbox or Nintendo players too!
4. The concept is simple and easy to pick up, but the learning curve is almost infinite. You will never stop improving as you gradually master the subtleties of this game.
5. It's only £15.99! For 100s of hours of guaranteed fun, you can't do better value for money wise.

Crash Bandicoot

Best retro value: Crash Bandicoot™ N.Sane Trilogy (£34.99)

Metacritic score: 80
5 reasons you should play Crash Bandicoot™ N.Sane Trilogy:
1. Crash Bandicoot is simply one of the funnest 3D platformers out there. We promise you will not be bored one minute!
2. It looks and feels great. You can reexperience the game in HD, with tons of added content.
3. Do not be misled by the game's goofy esthetics. You're in for a good challenge!
4. If you haven't played the game back in its beginning on the original PlayStation, this is your chance to see what you missed out on.
5. You get three games for the price of one!

Best upcoming/recent PS4 release: FIFA 20 (£59.99)

Release date: 24 September
5 reasons why you should (pre-)order FIFA 20: FIFA
1. It's the most comprehensive and up-to-date football game out there.
2. It's everything you love about FiFA but updated in terms of graphics and controls.
3. New extra modes will be available such as "Volta Football", "Rush mode" in 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5, and more.
4. All your favourite current teams and players are there. Yes, all of them.
5. FIFA 20 is the ultimate multiplayer experience. Play locally or online, no two matches will be the same.

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